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We offer services to the food and beverage sector with our palletizer and de-palletizer machines for stacking of finished products, putting them into boxes, raw materials on pallets, semi-finished products, empty bottles, empty boxes, etc., besides our stretching, stretch hood and shrinking systems. In addition to these, thanks to our business partner German Cyklop company, whom we are the only distributor in Turkey, we provide automatic strapping and taping solutions for your products to be put into boxes. Our products can be coupled onto your existing production lines, with Keramik carrying and transfer systems, new flow directions can be given to your line and palletizing machines can be set up on these conveyors, as well.

We deliver services for your wrapping lines with our:
Robotic and Mechanic Stacking Machines
Robotic and Mechanic De-palletizer Machines
Cyklop Stretch Wrapping Machines
Keramik Stretch Hood Master Machines
Keramik Shrink Master and Shrink Frame Machines

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