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We are more than 7 billion people, sharing this small planet... 
All of us are consuming many kinds of products.
There are more than 10.000.000 factories which do not include small production plants.

The history of mankind is built up on the word ‘need'... 
The need to explore, the need to find... 
Since the beginning of history, ‘we' try to bring these together. 
The question and the answer were always there.

Now there seems to be a solution!
We produce...

We produce food, cars, communication devices, 
ships, planes, houses, households...
We produce machines to manufacture all of these. We produce parts to assemble these machines...

All of the above are pieces... 
They are single parts to come together and form a unique sum!
As Aristoteles said; ‘Whole is more than the sum of its parts.'

This is our beginning.
This is the art of bringing together.
We pack pieces, so that they can be more than the sum. 
So that they can safely access the point 
where they will become something even more meaningful.
So that they will become answers...


We bring billions of products together in only one year.
They are being palettized, shrinked, strecthed, wrapped, strapped and prepared for transportation to become a totally new part of a new whole.

This is our mission.  
To lead towards a united world. 
To improve the industry.
To decrease the carbon footprint, 
while increasing the number of goods to be transferred. 
We bring pieces together, and build a new one from it.
Much stronger, much more durable and efficient.

This for us, is art. 
The art of bringing together. 
We build machines, develop new technologies, adapt science and mix all with design.
We always look for better, faster, smoother...

We have a history. 
We bring it together with the future.

We pack over 30 years of experience with high technology. 
We are KERAMIK. Our core value is art.
Art that brings things together with know-how and innovation.

For us, every single one of all the products we pack
is a piece to make a better whole...  


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