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Creating Lifting hole with Robots

In the Pumice and brick industry, creating lifting holes for forklift truck transportation at palletless packaging applications made by workers –mostly- manually.

Keramik uses an automated system to create lifting holes by the help of the robots and re-feed the products to the system which taken from the standard pattern to make mentioned holes.

It minimizes the risk of work accidents

Allows the increase of the production and line capacity 

Standard and high quality sequencing

Fully Automatic Strapping System

These machines are integrated into the exit conveyor of the pumice and cobblestone production lines and perform full automatic horizontal and vertical strapping.

Keramik uses in native manufactured strapping machines, state of art strapping heads with the innovative multi-stage-tensioning technology made by the world leader German company CYKLOP which has 100 years of experience in strapping machines.

With pallet/Palletless strapping options (automatic)

Employee Savings

High Capacity Production

Easy and cost-effective maintenance rather than hand machines

Standard and quality packets

We produce the perfect packaging solutions for you via safe and robust packages

Stretch Wrappinging, Shrink and Stretchhood Applications

These systems that protect products against external weather conditions after stacking can be integrated into production line or Automatic Strapping lines.

You can present your brand & company logo with imprinted nylon

You can protect products from external weather conditions

You can provide package security

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